2008 Reunion
Seattle WA

Hello Gents 
   Most of you missed out on a great time in Seattle.  Those that attended were John and Joie Greene, Bill and Marie Tuton, Bob and Sheryl Stegman, Russ and Norma Gertsch, George and Bev Martineau, Joe and Ellen Tovarek, Larry and Judy Paff, Ralph  and Cheri Christ, Jim and Pat Nardella, Steve Smith and Bev Avery, Mick and Darlene Brady, Jim and Joanne Bevins, and Mike and Bonnie O'Dea. Things got underway with the opening up of our hospitality suite at the Nexus Hotel on Thursday, June 5th.  Six of us went to the University of Washington Thursday evening to enjoy 190 Gospel singers on stage.  It was the combined choirs of the U.W. Gospel choir and the Mt. Zion Baptist choir.  It was awesome with several standing ovations.  The rest of the folks paired off for various beer halls, restaurants, and Seattle sights.
   On Friday everyone gathered near the Seattle Space Needle to board one of the "Ducks".  The Ducks are WW2 vintage amphibious vehicles.  We got a one hour tour of downtown Seattle and then a 1/2 hour floating tour of Lake Union in Seattle.  We got a good view of the house boat where "Sleepless in Seattle" was filmed.  Nobody on the Duck went to sleep however as our "hot" guide was a real firecracker and kept us in hysterics the entire time.  We went back to the Hotel where some of us learned to play "Texas Hold'em", some soaked up beer and wine, and others paged through 45 year old albums of Gutleut Kaserne and most of you guys were in them (in your underwear).  A couple of the guys had produced CD's of their Frankfurt and Europe frolics which were also viewed.
    Friday evening we gathered at Anthony's Restaurant at Shilshole Marina. The restaurant is right on the shore of Puget Sound and the sun came out for a glorious sunset.  We had a lovely lady playing a keyboard and singing for us during dinner.  The menu included Silver Salmon, Prime Rib, Veggies, Caesar Salad, Crab and Shrimp appetizers, and desserts that put on weight by just looking at them.  There was a no-host bar and two bottles of wine per table.  Staff Sgt James O'Dea joined us for dinner and gave about a 15 minute speech about the present day Army and his life as an Army Recruiter. Some of the guys wanted to reinlist when they found out what bonuses are being offered to recruits these days.  We also had a photographer who took several photos and those will soon be available.  http://www.leewhitephotos.com/gallery/5168117_9uLNv#313053740_S8p4K
   We also had an auction for an Afghan that Sheryl Stegman had created which will be added to our reunion fund and passed on to the next reunion organizer(s).
   Saturday, all the folks gathered at the O'Dea home for food, fellowship, and Texas Hold'em.  Larry Paff (who obviously has some "bookie" experience) put together some kind of a game based on the Belmont horse race, adding to our fund.  Then we got down to some serious poker.  About 20 people participated while the non-players just enjoyed watching or ignoring us according to their interest level.  At least the women were serious as first place went to Cheri Christ and second to Sheryl Stegman.
   A final gathering took place at the Hotel hospitality suite and most of the folks said their "good-byes".
   We had a super time and lots of fun and laughs.  The gals decided that Ralph Christ looked the best in his underwear.  He looked pretty skinny to me.  At least he married a great poker player.    The rumor is that the next reunion may take place in the Kentucky area again.  I hope a more central location will draw more of you guys off your couches.  We will look forward to seeing you in 2009. 
   Keep Vigilant !! Mike O'Dea June 13, 2008 

Thank You Mike for all the hard work and inspiration for this Reunion. We all Appreciate your effort. ASA Lives!

Thanks Mike!

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